About the Author

Kaushal Kishore, CFA, FRM

Kaushal Kishore is M.Sc. in Physics. He has worked as PO in Union Bank of India and in NABARD and retired in 2020.

He is CAIIB, CFA, FRM (from the Global Association of Risk Professionals) and completed the Harward Manage Mentor course. He has very good experience of Rural banking, Microcredit, Supervision, and Risk Management.

After his retirement, he devoted himself to the study of Indian Scriptures including Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas. He is of the view that the pearls of wisdom in these books need to utilized in modern times for the benefit of humanity and particularly Indians. As the original books are almost hidden in Sanskrit, which is not being read by the masses, the pearls of wisdom are available from secondary sources and are not presented in a way helpful to the masses.

As such, he is of the view that we need to make available these gems of wisdom in Hindi and English and modern Indian languages. A huge force of intellectuals is necessary to achieve this purpose of opening this hidden chest of wisdom for humanity. As such, he has volunteered to be a part of this force.

His first book was on “Madhu Vidya” one of the thirty-two “Brahm Vidyas”- pearls of wisdom or doctrines identified by scholars in the Upanishads. Meditations on Brahm Vidyas are slated to lead to great wisdom and awareness.

Next, he wrote a series of books on Eternal Meditation Principles: Brahm Vidyas covering the system of Meditation and Samadhi as per Patanjali Yoga Sutra and these Brahm Vidyas- pearls of wisdom from Upanishads and Bhagavat Gita. All three parts of the series have been published in both ebook and print form.Hindi Editions of all three books have also been published now.

Two books “Madhu Vidya: Straight from Horse’s Mouth” and the first part of  “Eternal Meditation Principles: Brahm Vidya ” are also available in Audio book form, in both Hindi and English.

After making available the most important pearls of wisdom from Upanishads and Gita in simple Hindi and English for all new readers and also for experts for Vedanta, He is now analyzing the secrets of Vedas.

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