Eternal sources of wisdom

Rig Veda

Rig Veda are collection of Richas, the description of Rit, the eternal properties and rules governing the nature and Jivas

Sam Veda

Sam Veda consists of Saman, the parts of Richas, which are sung in escatic way for expressing bliss and gratitude of God

Yajur Veda

Yajur Veda consists of Yajus, the way one should act, perform good works, prayers and perform yajan karm

Atharva Veda

Atharva Veda are about all practical and mundane works , wisdom and performances necessary for humanity


Upanishads are practical ways used to teach and learn the wisdom of Vedas in very simple Guru ashram

Other eternal books

Brahmanas, Aaaranyak, Vedangas, Puranas, Itihas, Sutra granthasa and phylosophical books



Bring Back the lost glory of Nalanda University for the benefit of humanity


True meaning of the scriptures for understanding and clarity of all


To provide useful parts of scriptures for all in simple Hindi and English


Enable reach of these books to millions of Indians and global readers for their benefits

Meet the Author

Kaushal Kishore, CFA, FRM

Kaushal Kishore is M.Sc. in Physics. He has worked as PO in Union Bank of India and in NABARD and retired in 2020.

He is CAIIB, CFA, FRM (from Global Association of Risk Professional) and completed Harward Manage Mentor course. He has very good experience of Rural banking, Microcredit, Supervision and Risk Management.

After his retirement, he has devoted himself to study of Indian Scriptures including Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas. He is of the view that the wisdoms in these books need to utilised in modern times for the benefit of humanity and particularly Indians. As the original books are almost hidden in Sanskrit, which is not being read by masses, the wisdoms are available from secondary sources and are nor presented in a way helpful to masses.

As such, he is of the view that we need make available these gems of wisdoms in Hindi and English and in modern Indian languages. There is need of a huge force of intellectuals to achieve this purpose of opening this hidden chest of wisdom for the humanity. As such, he has volunteered himself to be a part of this force.

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